About Us

iValue is an independent multidisciplinary leader in methods for creating shareholder value from technology.

As the name suggests, we care about the thoughtful use of technology. Our clients are senior managers, investors, technology professionals, government officials, and heads of academic or other organizations. The track record for iValue is impressive, ranging from triggering the deployment of a new billion-dollar broadband service, to avoiding a bet-the-business mistake on an imaging system, to licensing an innovative technology platform, to the turnaround of a major software company.

Offerings include technology strategy consulting and patent portfolio licensing. We apply the principles of corporate strategy and finance to technology. A quantitative approach is taken with a relentless focus on increasing shareholder value.

The iValue staff works side-by-side with clients in a collaborative effort. This accelerates arriving at breakthroughs and knowledge transfer. Our teams are small and our engagements short and high impact. The staff is comprised of a diverse mixture of talented professionals who are skilled in business and technical disciplines. They can be thought of as "double majors". Most have a record of academic excellence, with undergraduate and advanced degrees from top schools.

iValue has offices in New York and San Jose. Some team members are located elsewhere within the US, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region. Clients served are located around the world, and our teams can also be found at their sites. The fees we charge are affordable by most executives, corporations, and universities.

iValue is proud to maintain the highest service standards in our industry.

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