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Reviews of The Valuation of Information Technology: A Guide for Strategy Development, Valuation, and Financial Planningaward,
by Christopher Gardner:

Harvard Business School
Working Knowledge April 2000   "As volume two in the publisher's ambitious new series on financial management, this step-by-step guide does an admirable job of outlining techniques for creating shareholder value in an area that is too often subject to luck and hapless guesswork. In so doing, the author, who is head of the IT Strategy Group for PricewaterhouseCoopers, demonstrates interactions among computer science, corporate finance, and market research. Aimed at financial analysts, technology executives and venture capitalists, the book's quantitative approach - with examples from a number of IT success stories as well as failures, along with charts and graphs - shows readers how to build a technology system that enhances shareholder investment without neglecting other imperatives of the firm."

Mel Schwartz 
Nobel Laureate in Physics and Professor Emeritus, Stanford and Columbia Universities
"This is the first book which I have seen that places corporate decision-making on a logical and quantitative basis. Decisions which have traditionally been done by the 'seat of the pants' are subjected to the same rigorous analysis as is routine in the hard sciences, I think this book strikes off in a completely new direction and deserves to be read by anyone contemplating a career in business."

Peter Sprague 
Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Wave Systems and Former Chairman of National Semiconductor 
"Finally a clear set of tools for those of us who are trying to find a path through a jungle of complexity. Chris Gardner has clearly and provided a roadmap of rationality to help direct our path through a chaotic world of accelerating change."

Dr. Rainer Famulla 
Partner, Accenture 
“There are lots of companies that can be sunk by a single sizable misjudgment in the area of information technology. This is obviously true in computer companies where this is the heart of the business, but it is also increasingly true in financial institutions and in information business. Chris Gardner’s book comes at the right time for many businesses which can no longer afford the guessing or the hip-shooting that has been the solution algorithm in many companies. He points out the systemic thinking that is possible and the discipline that is required to tackle the issues in a sound, responsible, and competitively superior way.” 

Tom Gardner
CEO, The Motley Fool
"An insightful, rewarding evaluation of information technology -- with the aim being the creation of shareholder value. Chris Gardner's detailed work shows how powerfully constructive and destructive the forces of innovation can be. Mastering information technology is the key to 21st century commercial success. This book is a driver toward that mastery." 

Stephen B. Bonner
President and CEO, Cancer Treatment Centers of America
"Information  and  technology  are transforming commerce and challenging traditional valuation methods. The Valuation of Information  Technology  builds  a  bridge  between  familiar  valuation,  grounded on customer value, revenue, cost and earnings  contributions  all on the one side, and the returns available in the new information technology context on the other.  With  these  tools,  added  to  thoughtful  application  and  judgment  you will be a wiser leader, investor and consumer."

Khasha Mohammadi
President e-Networks and formerly of Bell Labs
"The Valuation of Information Technology tackles the tough problem of defining the value of new technologies for company shareholders  using  integrated  analytical  techniques.  The  methodologies  presented in the book are essential to any successful  new  business  development.   Its insightful process is the best model for IT evaluation. I highly recommend it."

Frank Ostroff
Author of The Horizontal Organization
"Clearly  we  have  entered  an  era  where  many  organizations  are  making  "bet the company" investment decisions in information  technology and the Internet. Unfortunately, many of these investments are made on an emotional basis alone. The  Valuation  of  Information Technology provides a significant advance in our ability for making these decisions on a more thoughtful, analytic basis."

Derek R. Reisfield
Vice Chairman Luminant Worldwide
Formerly President CBS New Media, Chairman, and Member of the Board Sportsline USA.
"One of the most important issues facing managers today is how to properly value the impact of technology and how it translates into shareholder value.  This book provides a practical, step-by-step approach for analyzing the attractiveness of an information technology system...Highly recommended."

Jim Szafranski
Marketing Manager, Tut Systems
"For  the  first  time,  The  Valuation of Information Technology marries corporate finance with technology marketing to create a technology decision guide focused on what matters most - shareholder value."

Reviews of Translating Strategy into Shareholder Value: A Company Wide Approach to Value Creation,
by Ray Trotta:

Mike Blake CPA,CMA
Director Finance, Sears
"An intuitive approach to shareholder value that any company can adopt."

Dave Roen

Director IT, McDonalds Corporation
"Does an excellent job of demystifying what value really is in a straightforward no-nonsense style."

Neil J. Holiday
Vice President, American Heart Association
"If you're charged with making sure that your strategic efforts actually pay off, this book is for you...Trotta for closing the gap between immediate...results and effective long term initiatives."

Reviews of iValue Executive Seminars

Nigel Smith
Director, IT Finance
Innovant, Inc., A VISA Solutions Company
"...the seminar was excellent and highly relevent...My only regret was that more of my colleagues were not there"