iValue is at the vanguard of the trend to quantify the effect corporate decisions have on shareholder value. Nearly half of corporate capital expenditures are for information technology alone, not including the many other technologies that are relied upon. Often these funds are released without a careful, disciplined, and rigorous economic assessment. The result is an unnecessarily high number of technology failures for shareholders. Now, iValue can help you assess the effect of technology on shareholder value. We take a comprehensive approach to technology decisions that combines an intuitive understanding of the ways technology can create or destroy value, with an analytical measurement of the estimated impact. iValue has developed a proprietary tool, VITA™, designed to measure the value of technology. It can be used:

The VITA™ measurement process itself can be incorporated into the strategy, operations, and organization of a company, to instill economic discipline applying technology. When a system needs to be evaluated, the measurement process establishes:

Safe System™ 1.0

Smart money assesses and manages risk rather than fixing problems after the fact. The iValue Safe System 1.0 lets you quickly assess and manage the economic risk in a technology system. It embeds expert knowledge to analyze the components of system risk, their effect on shareholder value, their likelihood of occurrence, the actions to control and mitigate them, and the status of the risk management effort. The result is an assessment of the risk of an economic loss from a system, as well as a means for management to take action to reduce the risk to an acceptable level. You will understand key economic risk drivers more thoroughly and maximize the probability of an economic success in record time. You can now focus on what matters most: creating shareholder value, not struggling to sort out what went wrong. The iValue Safe System 1.0 combines the power of Excel with an intuitive human interface so you can become proficient easily. You can even print or embed the risk analysis to fit right into your project plans.

The iValue Safe System 1.0 is a tool for managers, investors, technology professionals, government officials, and administrators of academic or other organizations to easily estimate the economic risk of technology deployments. Its key features are:

iValue Safe System 1.0 contains the broadly accepted and understood risk assessment methods in use in industry, NASA, and Wall Street. The methodology used here is similar to Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA), Failure Mode and Criticality Analysis (FMECA), Fault Hazard Analysis (FHA), and similar techniques found in the literature. These techniques will be sufficient for most technology investment decisions. For more information click Safe System 1.0


There is significant value hidden in the large number of underutilized patents at corporations and universities. These patents were invented by world-class scientists, involved substantial amounts of R&D funds to develop, and have been filed by top patent attorneys. Our Firebird™ service provides active management of this part of the corporate balance sheet or university endowment, using a modern focus on portfolios rather than individual patents. The margins achieved in monetizing these patent assets are as high as 90%. The patent asset discovery and recovery process has six steps: a) Identify the Most Promising Opportunities, b) Organize into Families of Inventions, c) Assess Return and Risk, d) Construct Preferred Combinations, e) Summarize the Monetization Strategy, f) Structure the Deals and Implement. To conduct this work a specialized team is assembled with the talent, knowledge, and relationships to recognize and capitalize on patent assets. As a professional firm, iValue serves the corporation and its management in creating shareholder value from patents or, similarly, the university and its technology transfer office in achieving their mission of commercializing inventions that benefit society while funding education and research.

In association with the above activities, iValue works with venture capitalists and companies as counterparties to a) understand their technology areas-of-interest, b) locate and analyze patents and inventions that meet their criteria, c) obtain the latest insights and research results from inventors, d) work with the technology transfer officers, and e) assist with licensing negotiations as requested. The scenarios where a venture capitalist or company might benefit from our services are:

iValue understands that corporations and ventures may require anonymity to explore entering into a formal patent license agreement, and the commercialization process allows for that. The end result of the Firebird ™ service is to place the right technology in the right hands at the right time.

For more information click Firebird™