Copies of the following are available upon request presentation

“Measuring and Improving the ROI of Information Technology” for the 2nd Annual AMA Finance Executive Forum on Partnering to Create Shareholder Value in Newport Beach, California

“Measuring the Value of Information Technology” for the e-Investments for CFOs Conference in New York

“Strategic Control Points and Complex Business Models” for the Hewlett-Packard Personal Storage Business strategy session run by Ideascope in Boise, Idaho

 “Choosing Your Technology Partner” presented at the Technology Executive Briefing at Roosevelt University

“Reengineering Without Systems Development” in Telecommunications magazine, Vol 30, No. 6

"Linking Finance to Strategy", Keynote Speech for the AMA Conference on Partnering to Create Shareholder Value

"E-commerce and Banking Deregulation", expert panelist for the joint conference of the Chicago Chapter for Financial Women International and the Association for Chicago Bank Women

"The Future of Shareholder Value", Architecting Success, Actoras Consulting

Quotations in various articles can be found in the New York Times, CFO, CIO, Network World, and iPlanet publications.



A wide-ranging interview with the founder of iValue by Mason Hargrave of Rockefeller University can be watched here:

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