Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who are we?

iValue is a professional services firm focused on creating value from technology.

Our clients are senior managers, investors, technology professionals, government officials, and heads of academic or other organizations.

The staff is comprised of a diverse mixture of talented professionals who are skilled in business and technical disciplines. They can be thought of as "double majors". Most have a record of academic excellence, with undergraduate and advanced degrees from top schools.

The track record for iValue is impressive, ranging from triggering the deployment of a new billion-dollar broadband service, to avoiding a bet-the-business mistake on an imaging system, to licensing an innovative technology platform, to the turnaround of a major software company.

Q: What opportunities do we target?

There are two related opportunities we target:

Technology Strategy Consulting: Technology does not come with instructions on how to use it. There has been an unnecessarily high number of unsuccessful technology investments.

Patent Portfolio Licensing: There is value hidden in the large number of university and corporate patents that are of high quality. Less than 5% of the patents generate more than 80% of licensing revenue.

The problem-solving experience gained from technology strategy consulting is directly applicable to the work involved in patent portfolio licensing.

Q: What services do we provide?

Technology Strategy Consulting: We solve the most challenging problems encountered with the commercialization and management of technology. Our proven methods maximize the chances of success in applying technology, and increase the cash flows generated by an investment in technology.

Patent Portfolio Licensing: We put the right technologies in the right hands at the right time. Margins as high as 90% can be achieved by actively managing this part of the corporate balance sheet or university endowment, using a modern focus on portfolios rather than individual patents.

Q: What assets do we apply?

Talent: The professionals on our staff include a Governor of the World Economic Forum, a F500 CEO, management consulting partners, VCs, technology PhDs, and scientific advisors.

Knowledge: Two books written on technology valuation and strategy. Over 1000 patents evaluated. Proven methods: VITA™, SAFE SYSTEM 1.0, and FIREBIRD

Relationships: Access to senior executive networks in healthcare, high tech, nanotech, and a wide-range of established industries.

Q: How do we work?


- Technology Strategy Consulting: We apply the principles of corporate strategy and finance to measure and manage technology investments.

- Patent Portfolio Licensing: Patents are licensed using modern portfolio theory where the value of the sum is greater than the sum of the values.

Confidentiality: Activities are conducted on a strictly confidential basis. This ensures a safe place is provided to solve strategic problems or explore entering into licensing deals.

Fees: Compensation is through retainer and contingency fees.

Q: What engagements and deals have we done?

Engagement Examples :

- Corporate and Division Turnarounds: Baan, McGraw Hill

- Global Transaction Services: Citibank

- Web 2.0 Strategy: Big 4 accounting firm

Licensing Deal Examples:

- Biotechnology: Negotiation of licensing terms for two late-stage drug compounds with markets in excess of $1B

- Information Technology: Software licensing of C programming tool with estimated royalties of $10M

- Nanotechnology: Field specific licensing of patents to aerospace, chemical, electronics, energy, food and beverage, and water purification companies worth many millions of dollars.