Case Studies


iValue has served some of the biggest names in the corporate world. A team recently developed a Web 2.0 collaboration strategy for one of the largest global professional services partnerships in the world. Our work for Nationwide focused on developing a common set of tools and methods for assessing IT projects across the enterprise. The intent was to increase the number of successful IT projects by instilling economic discipline applying information technology. This link describes the team’s activities and the results achieved in more detail: Nationwide

The spreadsheets below summarize an analysis of the effect of cable modem deployment on the share price of Telecommunications Inc., before it was acquired by AT&T. The first spreadsheet is a corporate valuation, the second is a corporate valuation assuming cable modem service is offered, and the third is a check of the core model to verify it is accurate. The results of the analysis show that TCI's share price should increase by about 17% moving ahead with the initiative.
Cable System Valuation- TCI
Cable Modem System Valuation-TCI